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Master Stylist

About Jess

Meet Jess, a highly skilled and experienced stylist at Allure, with 15 years of industry expertise. She followed her dream and pursued a career in the hair industry, where she has honed her skills and become an expert in her field. With her keen eye for detail and her dedication to creating the perfect look for her clients, Jess has built a large and loyal client base. Her expertise lies in colour, styling, and hair treatments. Her clients often rave about her ability to transform their hair into a work of art, leaving them feeling confident and beautiful. Jess takes the time to understand her clients' needs and preferences, ensuring that every visit is an exceptional experience. Jess's warm and friendly personality makes her clients feel at ease and creates a comfortable environment for them to share their hair goals. She believes that communication is the key to achieving the desired result, and she takes the time to consult with her clients before each service. She continuously educates herself on the best products for different hair types, ensuring that her clients' hair remains healthy and shiny. Whether it's a simple cut or a complete hair makeover, Jess's expertise, and professionalism will leave you looking and feeling your best.


To experience Jess's exceptional skills and expertise, book an appointment with her at our salon. Trust us, your hair will thank you for it.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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