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The winter blues are becoming well behind us, Spring has been fantastic and a hot summer is now less than 2 months away !

Summer in Melbourne is one of our favourite seasons, however the strong UV rays and trips to the beach can be damaging to your hair if it is not cared for and maintained.

Here are some of our tips to prepare your hair for summer:

1) Book in for a hair cut and treatment

Book in today so your hair is ready for summer, remove any split ends so that your hair is ready for the conditions that summer can bring.

2) New Look

Summer can be a great time to welcome in the new season with a new look, talk to one of our stylists today to discuss new looks may be considering. Whether it be a new colour or cut talk to the Allure team today.

3) Maintenance

Invest in a good quality conditioner to treat your hair over the summer months. Also look to pre-book regular appointments over summer to keep your hair do looking its very best. Gents 3 – 4 weeks and Ladies 4 – 6 weeks is recommended.

Now go and enjoy the sunshine while looking your best !

Book your appointment in now by clicking the book now button!

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